Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club


The Club is an organisation which runs a variety of bushwalking and other activities each week in the National Parks, State Forests and coastal areas of the North Coast Region.

The Club has been operating since 1976, is based in Lismore and is affiliated with Bushwalking NSW.





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Some of these events are fully booked. Check the Events Programme

May 28 Iluka Woody Head

June 3-4 Abseil Training Course Murphy's Creek : June 3-5 Cycling Murwillumbah Area

June 3 Hidden Valley : June 11 Hayters Hill Ramble

June 18 Walking, Kayaking, Cycling followed by our Club Social at Fishos

June 22 - July 6 Interlaken Switzerland : July 1 Tuntable Falls

July 6 - July 17 Cycling Lake Constance : July 9 Salty Lagoon : July 15 Iluka Yamba Walk

July 16 Iluka Esk River Kayaking


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1976-2016  40 years old and going places !


Over 90 present and past members celebrated the Club's 40th anniversary at South Ballina October 29