Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club


Abseiling :  Club Equipments, Skills, Knots

Notes, Members' Gear Wanted and For Sale

Members do however have various pieces of equipment which they are willing to loan at their descretion on club events.

The abseiling group has implement a compulsory equipment maintenance donation scheme, to pay for rope and equipment  replacement.

The donation is $10 per person per event for rope use and an extra $5 for use of personal abseiling equipent.

The Club currently owns some equipment that is available for Club Events only.


  • 3 x 50m of 9mm Tendon Speleo Static Rope purchased Dec 2015

  • 2 x 70m and 2 x 100m of Canyoning Rope

  • 2 x 50m of Static Dry Rope

  • Various Slings and Tapes

  • 5 x Complete sets of Helmets, Basic Harness with Figure 8 Belays, two screw Lock Carabiners and Prusiks.

  • 5 x Kong Hydrobot Canyoning Descenders  

Hazard and Risk Management Plan / Forms for Abseiling Events 2016 Abseiling Essential Information Document 2016 Rescue Hauling Systems


...The club now has a specific bank account for collecting equipment maintenance donations.


Commonwealth Bank LISMORE  BSB 062-565 Account Number 1086-9952


So far the funds have purchased

  • 5 x Kong Hydrobot  Canyoning Descenders.

  • 10 Screw Locking Carabiners.

  • 5 helmets and some cordage.

  • 2 x 70m of 10.5mm EDELRID Safety II Static Rope

  • 2 x 70m of 10.2 Tendon Salamander Canyoning Rope

  • 2 x 100m of 10.2 Tendon Salamander Canyoning Rope

  • 2 x IP67 UHF PTT Walkie Talkies

  • Various Bolts and Anchor Plates


NSW Adventure Activity Standards -- Abseiling NSW Adventure Activity Standards -- Canyoning Abseiling & Canyoning Risk Acknowledement Form