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Leaders Information

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Some Characteristics of a Good Leader (courtesy of Geelong BWC)


1.   Must control the weather

2.   Ability to flatten out hills

3.   Make cups of tea for group

4.   Must not lose more than 10% of group

5.   Exceptional sense of humour and a good entertainer

6.   Must have sex appeal

7.   Ability to be vague

8.   Must have good legs

9.   Be a good tent partner

10. Very good at massage

Walk Intention Information

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Navigation 1 Bearings and Compass Navigation 2 Insurance Claim Procedure Guidelines and Checklist Emergency Contact Procedure Jan 2011 Incident Report Form Child Protection Policy

If you would like a Garmin file for a club walk, please contact Ian

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"How to make a Personal Accident Claim"

Please quote our PA policy number 0012117

NSW Bushwalking Confederation was mentioned.


Phone 02 - 8864 7325


For any insurance questions, please contact our Insurance Officer Peter Hart


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