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Our club runs many different types of walks which are graded according to their difficulty. They are always led by experienced members who will ensure that the walks are enjoyable and safe. Walks can be short ones on track to longer ones that may include scrambling to very serious climbs on our highest mountains. We put on many packwalks and weekend camps allowing members to really appreciate our country. We walk all over the Northern Rivers Area, and often travel to S E Queensland and further afield. In recent years we have walked in most areas of NSW.  We have walked in Wilsons Prom in Victoria and Kangaroo Island, South Australia and have made several trips to Tasmania. This year we are walking in the Blue Mountains, the Grampians, East Gippsland, Tasmania and many other places away from home. We have walked overseas in England, Poland, Switzerland, Indonesia, Nepal and of course, regularly in New Zealand.

There are many great walks within a short drive  from our homes


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Mid summer walk Wanganui Gorge


Swimming hole Terania Creek

ANNOUNCING ‘Short n Easy Walks’ with Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club


These walks are designed for people who love the bush and the great outdoors but for whatever reason, find standard NRBC walks just a bit too long or arduous.

There will be time to stop and smell the Banksias, however reasonable fitness and walking pace are still required.


As the name suggests, these ‘Short n Easy Walks’ are:

Short - They will range from 3km to 5km.

Easy  - There will only be slight gradients (i.e. seriously approaching flat or down hill) and while there might be roots, stairs and uneven surfaces, they won’t involve rock scrambling.


As the social component of these walks is important, a coffee stop at a designated venue will always occur after the walk.  Participants will be advised if that format will be at a nearby coffee shop or byo thermos and cake at the picnic table.


Five of these walks now appear on the Club’s website, scheduled for the last Monday of the month and led by Maggie and Julian.


The start time for each walk has deliberately been omitted from the walk descriptions, to ensure that people follow the standard NRBC procedure i.e. register for the walk with the walk leader, prior to receiving details of start time and start location.


Club members are warmly encouraged to suggest and lead other ‘Short n Easy’ category walks (varying days of the week etc).


An email distribution list also helps facilitate ideas and carpooling, which is encouraged.


If you’re interested in going on an email distribution list for these ‘Short n Easy Walks’, please contact Maggie on

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