Qigong's gentle movements help the body strengthen bone mass and connective tissues and it is lower impact than even brisk walking, Qigong also works on a cellular level to physically cleanse and tone the body, it can improve your health and slow down the ageing process.

Click on the photo above to watch a video of "flower blossoms" where we are practising with blocks in our hands and trying not to drop them

Click on the photo to watch a video of the "warrior" exercise

Very successful Qigong workshop and Christmas party with 18 Qigongists attending 28 Nov 2021

On top of the world (well, on top of Europe)

Qigong on the Jungfrau June 27

After 3 Qigong workshops at the Byron Bay Golf Club a giant hug was given to Anna as a token of appreciation from all the participants.

Qigong has become a regular part of many club members' activities all due to the amazing Anna who radiantly shows in her normal self how qigong can help us live a richer, healthier and more joyful life.

Friday mornings at Byron Bay. One hour of qigong followed by coffee.