Zoom meetings

What is Zoom

Zoom provides an easy-to-use cloud platform for video and audio conferencing and chat. You can participate in a Zoom online meeting from your mobile device or computer

How to use Zoom for online meetings

There are 4 steps:

  1. Download Zoom software to your mobile device or computer
  2. Join Zoom meeting
  3. Participate in the meeting
  4. Leave the meeting

Click to download the Zoom User Guide giving details on the above 4 steps.

These steps have been "simplified". Zoom offers many features which can be accessed in different ways.

Tips for zoom meeting etiquette

  • Join the meeting early - allow yourself about 10 minutes to get connected
  • Click on "Test Speaker & Microphone" - follow the prompts to adjust your settings, if necessary
  • When you’re speaking, minimise your background noise
  • Put your microphone on mute when you’re not speaking
  • Use the Chat function for questions, or Raise Hand/Wave function when you need to get the host's attention
  • If you look a bit "foggy", try cleaning the camera lens on your device
  • Experiment with using a desk lamp near or behind your computer, so others can clearly see you

More Zoom resources

To learn more about Zoom for online meetings, you may wish to watch this YouTube video

If you would like to arrange a Zoom meeting, please contact website.nrbc@gmail.com