Abseiling Info

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Before you register to join a Club activity, it is important that you first read and agree to the Essential Information document. Please go to the Essential Information page, where you can also read the Abseiling Risk Management Plan, the Club's Code of Conduct and other relevant information

Below are links to Information Abseiling pages

Abseiling Risk Acknowledgement form

NSW Adventure Activity Standard for Abseiling

NSW Adventure Activity Standard for Canyoning

Equipment Standards

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Below are great photos to show different Rescue Pulley Hauling Systems

3 to 1 Z Pulley using ATC for Auto Capture

5 to 1 Pulley using ATC for Auto Capture

Using a Pulley for Progressive Auto Capture. Note French Prusik with ends either side of Pulley

Using a Tube and Prusik to make an Auto Capture