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President Jenny and Noeleen flying the flag at Byron Seniors Expo 19th Feb

Cooking in the breeze

Walking in the rainy Tarkine

Our intrepid group bashing through the Tarkine in February

Crossing rivers meant building rafts and joining arms when wading across.

Main Range walk Crackenback / Thredbo Trip Feb 15

Main Range walk Feb 15

Is that a Leprechaun? Feb 15

Still Life, Thredbo Eagles Nest 1,937 m Feb 15

Dead Horse Gap Track lead us into what resembled Mirkwood Forest from Lord of the Rings Feb 15

Cascade Trail Crackenback / Thredbo Trip Feb 13

Dead Horse Gap track Crackenback / Thredbo Trip Feb 11

Ron standing on top of the world (as we know it) while a choir of NRBCers sing Happy Birthday Feb 10

25 Walkers and Mountain Bikers joined forces for the final push to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko at 2,228 m Feb 10

Kosciusko walk

Crackenback / Thredbo Trip Feb 10

Kosciusko walk

Crackenback / Thredbo Trip Feb 10

Enjoying the shade of the melaleuca trees on a hot summer's afternoon in Arakwal NP, followed by a very social evening kindly hosted by the Leader Jan 20

The first of 3 Qigong workshops was held at the Byron Bay Golf Club Jan 22

Cooling down on a hot summer's day this week in Nightcap NP Jan 12

Crossing Creeks the fun way Nightcap NP

Cooling down on a hot summer's day by wading up Iron Pot Creek Jan 5

Waterfall on Iron Pot Creek

Jan 5 north of Boulder Beach

Nibbles at the Pat Morton Lookout at Lennox Head

Club Band members getting into the groove

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Clarrie Hall Dam - a beautiful backdrop to Crams Farm Dairy

Our President awarded Certificates to many proud recipients who had lead 3 or more activities during the year.

Save Kosci Protest Pack Walk 5 Dec

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