This page contains photos taken on recent club activities. The most recent photos are on the top of this page. After a few weeks, the photos fall off the bottom of the page!

As well as photos on this website, a number of members post photos onto the NRBC Facebook page. There are even a few NRBC Facebook videos.

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Evans Head walk 5 Oct

Evans Head flora 5 Oct

Cold morning on Split Rock walk 19? Sept

Group of fly deterrents on Burbie Canyon walk 20? Sept

Warrumbungles 18? Sept

Warrumbungles 18? Sept

The Governor Lookout at Mt Kaputar 16? Sept

The Breadknife at Warrumbungles 17? Sept

Lunch at Balor Hut, Warrumbungles with The Breadknife in distance 15? Sept

Mt Kaputar Summit.....waiting for sunset 15? Sept

Lookout on Kaputar Plateau 14? Sept

Lairds Lookout on Kaputar Plateau 14? Sept

Shaws Bay to Lennox walk 31 Aug

Morning tea at lookout on Kaputar Plateau walk 14? Sept

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