Emergency Medical Information

Your Committee have discussed the benefits of every Club member taking up-to-date Emergency Medical Information with them on all Club activities. Valuable discussions have been held with the Gold Coast Bushwalking Club, who have implemented a successful scheme. Our Club has decided to adopt this system.

Every NRBC Club member has been sent a copy of an Emergency Medical Information form.

You will notice that one A4 size sheet contains five Emergency Information slips. Members are encouraged to complete one slip, fold it in half then store it safely (in a zip-lock plastic bag) inside their backpack.

The Committee was impressed with how practical and useful this system is, and how it meets our needs for safety and mutual duty of care on Club activities.

Since each individual member is responsible for completing the information and carrying the sheet on activities, their privacy is protected.

The Committee encourages all members to complete and carry an Emergency Information Slip during all Club activities, accessible to the Trip Leader as necessary.

The Emergency Medical Information form prompts each member for the following information:

  • Name

  • Car Rego

  • Medicare Number

  • Emergency Contact Name

  • Emergency Contact Phone number

  • Medical Conditions

  • Current Medications