Short n Easy

These 'Short n Easy' walks are designed for people who love the bush and the great outdoors but for whatever reason, find standard NRBC walks just a bit too long or arduous.

There certainly will be time to stop and smell the Banksias, however reasonable fitness and walking pace are still required.

As the name suggests, these ‘Short n Easy' Walks are:

  • Short - They will be about 5km

  • Easy - There will only be slight gradients and while there might be roots, stairs and uneven surfaces, they won’t involve rock scrambling.

As the social component of these walks is important, a coffee stop at a designated venue will always occur after the walk. Participants will be advised if that format will be at a nearby coffee shop or byo thermos and cake at the picnic table. Club members are warmly encouraged to suggest and lead other ‘Short n Easy’ category walks (on varying days of the week etc).

If you are interested in these ‘Short n Easy' Walks, please contact David