Walk Gradings

Grade 1. Tracks may have some uneven surfaces. Gradients are slight to moderate. Up to about 12 km. Suitable for beginners with above average fitness.

Grade 2. Tracks may have some rough sections. Gradients are generally moderate. There may be some steep sections. Up to about 15 km. Walkers should have at least slightly above average fitness and some bushwalking experience.

Grade 3. Tracks are likely to vary from moderately uneven to rough and some sections may be off-track. Some gradients are likely to be quite steep and there may be some moderate rock hopping or easy rock scrambling. Above average fitness and some bushwalking experience required.

Grade 4. Tracks are generally rough with some off-track sections. Some gradients will be steep and include rock hopping and/or rock scrambling with some height exposure. Above average fitness and bushwalking experience required.

Grade 5. Tracks are rough and may be mainly off-track. Conditions similar to those described in 4, but more demanding. A high level of fitness and considerable bushwalking experience required.

Grade 6. Generally off-track. Strenuous walking conditions in very steep, rugged and remote terrain. Includes moderate to difficult rock scrambling with moderate to high height exposure. Suitable only for very fit and experienced walkers.

Grade 7. Off-track strenuous walk in very steep, rugged and remote terrain. Challenging conditions include difficult rock scrambling and possibly severe height exposure. Suitable only for the very fit and very experienced walkers.

• Exploratory walks, for members only, may be conducted to determine conditions on a walk not previously attempted.

• If a quoted grading does not adequately describe a planned walk, the walk leader must ensure that appropriate additional information is included in the walk description.