2016 Reports

Saturday 25 May 2016 Mt Jerusalem Traverse

Walkers: Ian P, Clancy B, Bert C, Kevin W, Tina R, Donna E, Rhonda B, Clare B, Anna H, Steve M, Barbara S, Mary N, Kathy K, Kathy L, Cathy C, Rae W and Leaders David R and Shane M

The day started 8:30 at Heritage Park Mullumbimby where the group was divided into two. One group starting South at Wilson's Creek Road and the other North at Middle Ridge Road. The intention being that the two groups should meet at the lookout lunch spot for an exchange of keys.

Group from the South

The south end of the walk is more gradual then the north route so it was decided to take the visitors from the south end. The group remained fairly compact through the Flying Fox Lookout and up to the trig. From there on the route was off track and some found it taxing. However we proceeded on to the Natural Arch and by that time it was 1:00 and we were getting a little behind schedule. Heading out of the arch gully we were surprised by the arrival of David R's group. With still the major part of the offtrack to go, an effort was made to speed things up. We finally arrived at the lunch spot at 1:30 and took 20 minutes off before we proceeded on. Arriving at the turnoff above the petrified tree at 2:45. The decision was made that due to time limitation we would skip the visit to the tree this time and we pressed on. Some found the scramble through the brush and grass trees a little difficult but we arrived at the top of the final descent without an incident. The descent to the road went easily enough and we were at the cars by 3:30pm. Loaded up we drove back to Heritage Park for the debrief and cakes. The day had been demanding for some and enjoyable to all. Shane

Saturday 3rd September 2016 Nightcap NP, Terania Creek

Participants: Mary N, Dan L, Ally W, Anna D, Irene S, Thomas P, Coral P, Margaret W and Leader Shane M

The day started 8:30 at the Channon Tavern car park. All arrived on time and we set off for Terania Creek Picnic Area. At 9:00 we had arrived and were saddled up and crossing the Terania Creek heading bush. The walk was pleasant and uneventful except for the occasional detour around a fallen tree. A leisurely pace was established and our guests were enthralled with the size and nature of the trees. At the intersection we regrouped and headed off to the base of the escarpment and were soon walking along the verandah at its base. Reaching the main cave morning tea was indulged. At about 11 we were off again retracing our steps to the intersection well not quite there was a little unscheduled detour due to being geographically challenged. We then headed to the drop down to Terania Creek and the swimming holes for lunch. Only two brave bods dared to swim in the cold creek. After lunch we walked back to the cars and left our packs while we walked along the board walk to Protestors Falls. The recent rains enabled the Falls to put on a very good display. All sat and socked up the vibes and the mist for half and hour before we headed back to the cars. The usual cake orgy was forsaken for an ale at the Channon Tavern, the perfect ending to a most enjoyable day. Shane