2018 Reports

Saturday 30th June 2018: Ascent of North Peak , Mt Barney

Participants: Alan G, Gary W, Shane M and Leader Karl.

The intention was to scale the North Peak of Mt Barney going up Rocky Creek and returning via the North Ridge. A long day was expected so effort was put into a 5:30am start in the dark. We all had arrived the evening before and got a little shut eye in the vehicles at yellow pinch. With head torches on we left the junction of Barney Lodge Road and Upper Logan Road (GDA 742-721) and headed off along the same route as Logan's Ridge steadily climbing the track from 200m (alt) to 500m (alt). At that point ( GDA 717-722) we veered off to the North on a less obvious track and soon were in Rocky Creek at (GDA 714-723) then the real climb began. Karl led the way up through the semi vertical slabs finding the route. We found it challenging in spots to follow. Fortunately the rocks were dry and traction was good, no water to speak of except for the occasional stagnant pool. At about 800m (alt) we were in among thick, scratchy vegetation which really sapped our strength. Emerging the other side of that we could see the gorge between East Peak and North Peak and the immense slab slopping up to the top of the creek. Challenging even on all fours. There was one spot there where we used a 15m tape rope to assist with the packs and the scramble. Reaching the saddle (GDA 702-720) between the two peaks we then headed up the comparatively easy track to the summit arriving at 11:50AM. Quite happy at this point to have finished the climb and looking forward to lunch with a spectacular view. Fantastic views in every direction especially to the North with all the lower peaks seeming to be at an arm's length. At 12:30pm we commenced the descent down the North Ridge. The initial part was very steep down to a small knoll which we skirted around on the eastern side. From then it was a rather rapid descent from one knoll to the next with a lot of down then followed with a little up to get over the top of the next knoll. Several of these proved rather challenging. One even required the the use of 23m of tape rope. The route proved to be more difficult than the ascent but at least there was less effort going down. It was 4:00pm before we reached the bottom at (GDA 712-723) and changed direction to the South back to Rocky Creek and then retraced our previous ascent route and the 3.3km walk back to the cars. We arrived at the car at 5:11pm quite satisfied with our accomplishment. A cold beer was enjoyed and we headed off in our own directions. We had started at 200m (alt) and reached 1252m (alt) and covered 11.7km in approximately 11.5hours. Definitely a difficult walk but really worth the effort. Shane