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Mountain Biking - What's On

Check out the cycling program for mountain bike activities. They are regularly held on Nightcap NP and Whian Whian

For more details of multi-day Mountain Biking trips, go to the What's On pages

To jump or not to jump, that is the question ..... that keen mountain bike riders found themselves asking as they navigated the twists and turns of the New Italy MTB trails 7 Jan 2019. Click on the photo to play the video in Facebook.

YouTube video: The building, making and riding of Duck Creek Mountain - bike park

Click on the image for "Track etiquette please" to download this article by Craig Trevallion, encouraging MTB riders to be respectful of others on the trail

Having studied the map of many trails in the New Italy Mountain Bike Forest, there's no holding them back 7 Jan

On the Narrow Neck Trail overlooking the Megalong Valley Feb 2019

Rock hopping on the Thredbo Valley Trail Feb 2019