What's On

The Club organises many events across a wide range of activities.

These activities include walking (day walks and overnight), cycling (road and off-road), kayaking, abseiling, qigong and social events.

To see What's On, go to the Events Calendar page

If you would like further information about a specific event in the programme, please contact the designated event leader.

For information about particular activities, go to:

Members are encouraged to lead events. If you have ideas for an event, or if you would like help with suggestions for an event, please contact the Walks Coordinator, or Cycling Coordinator, or Kayaking Coordinator, or Abseiling Coordinator, or Social Secretary.

All advertised walks have a grading to indicate the level of difficulty of the walk. To help you choose a walk which matches your fitness and desired level of challenge, please first refer to the description of Walk Gradings