For Leaders

Although aimed at Leaders, this page contains useful information for all members

At the start of each activity, the leader will require that all participants sign the Activity Attendance sign-on form, (pdf file also available) thereby affirming the club's procedures and requirements, and acknowledging the risks associated with the activity.

At the end of each activity, the leader must complete the Leader Declaration regarding incidents, at the bottom of the Activity Attendance sign-on form, then return this signed form (scan or photograph) by email to the relevant Activity Coordinator (Walking or Cycling or Kayaking or Abseiling or Social). If applicable, the Incident Report form must be completed by the Leader, then forwarded to the President and Secretary as soon as possible after the incident.

For clarification and guidance regarding Incidents, refer to the Incident Management process.

The leader should write a report of the activity. If a non-cycling activity, send the report by email to the Newsletter Editor, for inclusion in the next monthly Newsletter. If a cycling activity, send the report by email to the Cycling Coordinator, for inclusion in the next weekly email to all those on the Cycling email distribution list.

To share transport costs when car-pooling, the Club guideline is to calculate:

Total cost of petrol/diesel multiply by 1.5 divide by number of passengers = cost per passenger

Before a trip, to help with estimating fuel cost, refer to this online fuel calculator

If photos were taken by any participants on this activity, then please refer to Share your Photos page.

If any participant of your activity is under 18 years old, then please read the Child Protection Policy

In the event of an Emergency on your activity, refer to the Emergency Contact Procedure

Please refer to the Essential Information page for:

  • Essential Information document, for each activity type
  • Risk Management document, for each activity type
  • Walk Leader Guidelines and Checklist

The following links relate to insurance:

The NRBC Constitution document includes sections on Club Objectives; Committee Office Bearers; Membership; Meetings and Finance

To help with navigation, if you would like a Garmin file for a club walk, then please contact Ian.

For notes relating to the club Navigation Course held at Rummery Park, refer to: