Membership - New and Renewal

Membership procedure

We now have an easy-to-use online Membership procedure. You can use this system from your computer, smart phone or tablet - there is no longer a need to use paper or to download a form.

Click on the link below to Membership Form. Fill out the details on the Membership Form. Click Next to move between Sections. Finally, click Submit. A message will be displayed to acknowledge your Form submission and a reminder to promptly make an online payment.

Repeat the above process for each NRBC member in your household.

All Membership Renewal Forms need to be submitted and paid before the end of February. The updated form asks each person to provide details for an Emergency Contact. If you have any questions, please contact the Membership secretary.

New Members

Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club welcomes new members. To become a member, you must be nominated by an existing club member. If you do not know an existing member, you are invited to come on a walk with us as a visitor. As a non-member, you are welcome to come on one-day or half-day events on two occasions before you are required to join the club. Acceptance on a club activity will be determined by the event leader.

To join a walk or other activity, check out the activities on offer from What's On and contact the Leader to register as a visitor. You must read the club's Essential Information documents before the activity.

Please complete the online Membership Form . The fees for each person aged 18 years and above are:

  • Full year $30 effective from 1st March to 28/29 February (12 months).

  • Half year $15 effective from 1st October to 28/29 February (5 months).

  • Discount $30 effective from 1 January to 28/29 February the following year (14 months).

Please use online banking to make your Membership payment to:


  • BSB: 533000

  • ACCOUNT: 02068380

  • ACCOUNT NAME: Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club Inc

  • Please reference your payment by typing MEMB followed by your Last Name

Existing Members

To Renew your Membership, before the end of February each year please complete the online Membership Form . Please use online banking to make your Membership payment, using the above Bank Account details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each NRBC member in your household must complete and submit their own Membership Form. If you have already paid, click the option for "already paid".

Did you know

The club has over 350 members

Will I fit in

If you are wondering whether you would fit in being a member of the club - very likely the answer is Yes! The club caters for walkers of all abilities from the rugged bushbashers to those who can only walk limited distances. There are activities for everyone. We are a friendly club and you would be most welcome to join us. All you have to do is decide which activity you would like to go on by checking out What's On and ring the Leader who will have a chat and explain what the activity involves. If you are happy with the activity description, then the leader will register you for the event and tell you the meeting details. If you enjoy this activity you may then join us, or you can wait and attend a second club event before you are required to join.