Office Bearers

The Annual General Meeting held in March each year appoints the Office Bearers for our club.  The current Office Bearers (committee members) are listed below

To contact any committee member, please use the email addresses below

    TITLE                                PERSON                      EMAIL

President                           Ruth Dare           

Vice President               Peter Monks         

Secretary                          Kathleen Barrett 

Treasurer                           Peter Whiteley      

Membership Secretary     Peter Whitely  

Social Secretary                   Linda Brannian   

Newsletter Editor               Bill Boyd                 

Website Manager               Julian Dimbleby 

Major Activities Convener   Ian Pick            

Walks Coordinator               Ruth Dare          

Kayaking Coordinator        Claire Goodwill

Cycling Coordinator            Chris McDowell 

Abseiling Coordinator        Shane Malone 


Designated Role:

Public Officer                        Mark Delany    

Updated 6/1/2023

Zoom AGM Meeting   30 March 2021

NRBC Committee website  (Committee members only)